Hi! I'm Jack Harner! I'm a web developer and graphic designer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I specialize in developing custom web solutions primarily with WordPress, but good 'ole fashioned HTML/CSS is great too. I strive for clean, maintainable code.

I'm looking for a fast-paced remote position where learning is encouraged, challenges are everchanging, criticism is constructive, and somewhere I can grow as a developer.

Professional Highlights

Marketing Director


  • Implementing Marketing Strategies to drive traffic to our website through Google Adwords, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, and more
  • Updating and improving the customer experience on our website with HTML, CSS, & Javascript
  • Creating social and email campaigns to drive traffic and customer engagement

Multimedia Design Intern


  • Assist in the design and production of HTML Emails to be sent to members
  • Test and implement new features on our website and internal tools
  • Work with the Marketing department to update and maintain content on ASRT.org

Employment Timeline


Web Design




Backend Development



Build Tools




Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe XD

Libraries & Platforms




Projects I'm Proud Of

OS X Desktop in HTML/CSS

I recreated the Mac OS X Desktop using HTML & CSS on CodePen. It has animated dock icons, selectable desktop icons, and functioning menus. It got featured on the front page of CodePen and got ~ 30,000 views.

I had a lot of fun working on this project because there were a ton of details I needed to pay attention to and I was blown away by the response it got.

Check Out The Full Pen

Material Color Palette

Material Color Palette

Material Design is a set of guidelines from Google that help create good designs that work well on different screens. Within those guidelines, they have a list of color codes that look good on screens, and work well together.

I got tired of pulling up the docs every time I needed a color, so I created a Firefox/Chrome extension that puts all of the color codes in 4 different formats (HEX, #HEX, RGB, RGBA) right at your fingertips.

Get It On Firefox Get It On Chrome Check Out The Source Code
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